The PADMA YOGA: Blissful Living television series

Each episode, Padma masterfully guides you through gentle yoga, healing breath work, simple meditations and insightful wisdom that are designed to calm your nerves and strengthen your spirit. Padma also tells stories of her nine-year meditation retreat in the Himalayas of India, and includes a mindful ‘Sanskrit Word of the Day.’

Your body and mind will be awakened and invigorated. Enjoy blissful and beautiful practices that will increase your health, happiness and clarity.

Watch pre-view clips of the Padma Yoga Blissful Living television shows.

“Padma teaches that it is possible for us to become free from suffering, and she offers us her practices and wisdom in this beautiful series.”
— TV Viewer

“I have been practicing classes with Padma for years. Padma’s classes have a wonderful balance of movement, meditation, knowledge, and spirituality.”
— TV Viewer


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