The Sanskrit Word of the Day
and Theme of each show:

Episode # Sanskrit Word of Episode Theme of Episode

  1. AANAND Bliss, delight, joy, pure happiness
  2. AMAR Infinite, unending, eternal, undying, forever
  3. MADHUR Sweetness, essential delight
  4. LAKSHMI Beauty, loveliness, grace, good fortune, happiness, splendour, lustre, wealth
  5. SHIVA Fortunate, kind, dear, gracious, auspicious
  6. SUNDAR Beautiful, lovely, charming, agreeable
  7. AROGYA Pure power of health
  8. AHINSA Non-Violence
  9. SHOBHA Bright, brilliance, handsome, glorious
  10. SHAANTI Peace, ease, good fortune, happiness
  11. SANTOSH Delighted, well pleased, satisfaction, contentment
  12. MAITREE Kindness
  13. KARUNA Compassion
  14. MUDITA Friendliness
  15. SNEH Love, tenderness, affection, friendship
  16. PREYM Love, affection, kindness
  17. TANTRA Oneness with the world
  18. MUKT Spiritual freedom, liberation
  19. DARSHAN Spiritual vision, insight
  20. ADITI Boundless, free
  21. SHRI “Shedding light and radiance”, light, lustre, radiance, beauty, glory, splendour, success, prosperity
  22. SUKH Happy, pleased, delighted, comfort, ease, gentleness
  23. AMAR Essence, nectar of life
  24. VIRYA Energy, delight, enthusiastic energy
  25. GURU Light- giving awareness
  26. SHYAM Pure space of consciousness

In each of the 26-episodes of Blissful Living, Padma guides you through a 4-minute warm-up, followed by a 14-minute gentle and meditative yoga sequence that is unique and delightful every day. Two yogi friends join Padma on the lovely and simple set, and original music creates a soothing ambiance.

Padma offers a wisdom talk based on her selected Sanskrit Word of the Day, and tells personal stories from her many years in meditation practice in the Himalayas. She skillfully translates the profound and esoteric wisdom of the east into understandable, modern language.

This series focuses on the quality of sweet delight and happiness that can be lived with peace and clarity. Padma knows that it is possible to become free from suffering, and she offers her wisdom and practices to help viewers attain this in their own lives. You will feel your whole body, mind and spirit awakened and invigorated.

The shows end with a quote to remember, and a final blessing.

The show is professionally filmed at JOY TV studios in Surrey, BC, Canada, by a veteran, talented television crew. Filmed in collaboration with ONE: Body, Mind, Spirit and Love Channel, the series is owned by Marla Stewart.