Blissful Living episode 1
In this first episode of Blissful Living, Padma introduces you to the foundational concept of living bliss or pure happiness. She introduces skills based in the wisdom of peace. Open yourself and radiate bliss and peace in daily life. By discerning your unchanging existence from the ever-changing world, you can become free and happy in your personal and professional life. As a meditator, you intentionally cultivate times in your life that support joy and bliss.

SANSKRIT WORD OF THE DAY: Aanand; bliss, delight and joy, living bliss, delight, joy and happiness in our daily life.

YOGA: Standing poses: Mountain pose, side bends, and waterfall pose, transitioning to seated cross-legs.

FOCUS: Shoulders, arms and neck.

MEDITATION: Cultivate and meditate on bliss.

BREATH: Full torso breathing. Follow the breath from your nose to throat, chest, and belly placing your hands on your torso. Inhale downwards, exhale upwards.

SET COLOUR: Seafoam and brown.